U.S. To Launch Free Covid Test Website January 19th

Free Covid Tests

While Covid-19 Omicron cases surge across the country, the Federal government is poised to launch a website to get free Covid tests. The mask website will go live on January 19th.

The tests will be free, rapid antigen tests so anyone can confirm their omicron test status instantly. This is a critical step toward securing a future free of covid-19. Mass vaccination, and rapid access to testing are the two key components.

The tests will be shipped by the USPS in first class mail. People across the U.S. have struggled in recent months to get their hands on rapid covid tests. They are flying off shelves faster than they can be restocked. If the Federal government handles procurement, this could solve this problem.

Other countries have already set up free covid testing websites. But the U.S. has struggled to execute on the same promise.

How to get free covid tests

Head on over to the website. The problem is, the the website isn’t published yet, and we don’t know the URL. In the meantime, come back to OmicronVariant.com and we’ll be sure to publish the address immediately.

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