Omicron Variant in US

Omicron Variant in US

With the holiday season upon us, the Omicron Variant in the US is a topic of much conversation. Google searches for Omicron Variant have spiked dramatically as the CDC announces nearly 75% of all new cases in the U.S. are Omicron. If you’re wondering about your area, check our Omicron in the U.S. state map (updated at least daily).

Omicron in US

We’ll remind you that vaccines appear to be very effective against the Omicron Variant. Regardless, the new variant is presenting a level of uncertainty and therefore, concern, for many.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, last week Omicron made up just 12.6% of new Covid-19 cases. The week before, it was 0.7%. This week, 73% of all new cases are the Omicron Variant in the US.

Even in areas that are getting hit hard by the variant, officials remain reluctant to re-initiate strict lockdowns. According to the New York Times, even the big apple is hesitant to restrict residents again.

What we know today

Perhaps it is due to the uncertainty that comes with so little data on Omicron. Perhaps it is the little data we have pointing consistently to the highly contagious but low fatality of the variant. Regardless, officials are certainly weighing their options and, for now, keeping travel and commerce as open as possible.

The earliest data we have on the variant, which comes from South Africa, indicates that severity is lower than previous surges and variants. Hospitalization rates remained lower than in previous surges, and the general vibe of the public is that of low tolerance for shutting down schools and businesses.

Keep coming back for the latest info on the Omicron Variant including information on the vaccine effectiveness, symptoms, and location. We’re striving to provide the latest and most reliable interpretation of the data without bias or political lenses. Let us know how we’re doing by reaching out.

Distribution of Omicron Variant in US (according to CDC)

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