Omicron Vaccine Effectiveness

Omicron Vaccine

The existing vaccines are effective against the Omicron Variant. If you read nothing else in this post, this should be your takeaway. Many people are wondering about the need for an Omicron Vaccine. It’s too early to know the answer to this. However, it is unlikely we will need one because (very) early evidence points to the continued effectiveness of the current vaccines.

While the Omicron Variant appears to be better off at evading at least the Pfizer vaccine, it appears Omicron is not likely to cause serious infections in fully vaccinated people – especially those who have received a booster shot.

While it is much too early to say this with certainty, the prominent Covid vaccines are generally very good at stopping a Covid-19 infection from becoming severe or lethal.

Does the booster help?

Absolutely. Emerging research from the CDC has found that those with a booster are still almost entirely protected from risk. However, Omicron seems to dodge the vaccine better than previous variants. We’re not quite sure yet why boosted individuals might be more protected against the Omicron Variant than others. Therefore, more research is absolutely needed.

For those just becoming eligible for the booster shot, it is incredibly important that as many people as possible be triple-vaccinated.

Will there be an Omicron Vaccine?

It’s likely unnecessary. The current vaccines seem to be effective. But a recent study out of South Africa suggests the Pfizer vaccine may be 40% less effective against the Omicron Variant. You need not worry yet though. The Pfizer vaccine is producing less antibodies but remains essentially as effective as with the other variants.

The WHO has come to the same conclusion about the Omicron Vaccine effectiveness. However, both agencies are relying on very limited and early data. Bookmark this page and keep watching the Omicron world map for updates.

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