Is Omicron Less Dangerous?

Is Omicron less dangerous?

Yes. That’s the simple answer. Read on to learn more about whether the Omicron variant is less dangerous.

According to the NY Times, the data continue to support the early conclusion that the Covid-19 Omicron Variant is less dangerous. This amidst myriad reports of overflowing hospitals with moderate covid cases.

The latest data show a fresh surge of cases, which shows the incredible level of infectiousness of the Omicron Variant.

Why Omicron is Less Dangerous

The most optimistic news out of this latest round of data is that the Omicron Variant doesn’t appear to attack the lungs in the same way the previous versions of covid have. This is substantial news, providing a bit of relief and assurance of safety for most.

The takeaway? Fewer patients are being intubated, fewer are going to the ICU, and most importantly, fewer are dying. The bottom line: the Omicron Variant is significantly less dangerous than its predecessors.

Here is a helpful line to consider. Before Omicron, a 75 year old vaccinated person who contracted Covid faced a similar risk of death as that of the flu, about 1 in 200. With Omicron, the risk is now less than that of the flu.

That doesn’t mean it’s harmless

While severe cases, deaths and hospitalizations remain low, they are not a thing of the past. Some people, especially those who are not vaccinated and those with underlying health conditions, are still susceptible to severe infection or death. So what do you do?

How to prevent an Omicron infection

The standard approaches you’re now accustomed to are still the best tools we’ve got.

  • Get vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t been already.
  • Wear a mask. If possible, wear an N95 or K-N95.
  • Wash your hands and sanitize frequently.
  • Know your community risk. Check the Omicron Variant World Map and Omicron Variant State Map frequently. They’re updated at least daily.

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