Drug Maker Eli Lilly Develops Omicron Treatment

Omicron Treatment

All of the focus has been on Covid-19 vaccines, understandably. But now, after the development of several highly effective vaccines, attention is turning toward omicron treatment. Specifically, treatments that can help people that are at high-risk for complications or serious infections. This often includes people who cannot get vaccinated due to pre-existing conditions or allergies.

Research has repeatedly shown that vaccines are effective, and have minimal to no side effects for the vast majority of people.

On Friday, the F.D.A. gave emergency authorization to drug maker Ely Lilly for a new treatment that has promising outcomes for those infected with the Omicron Variant. The drug is specifically intended for early intervention in those who are at high risk for serious infection. This typically includes those who are immunocompromised.

Omicron Treatment Free to States

The Federal Government has already ordered 600,000 doses and has signaled that it intends to make doses available to states free of charge.

The new treatment, named “bebtelovimab”, is the fourth Omicron treatment to be authorized by the FDA. While some natural treatments for covid have been discussed, these are not to be considered replacements for either vaccination or swift medical intervention in the case of infection.

It is important to note that the drug has not been tested in a rigorous study designed to determine whether the treatment can stave off severe infection. However, previous treatment options have all been shown to do just that. It also became evident early on in the pandemic that the primary public health goal was to reduce the number of severe infections, once it became known that preventing a global pandemic was all but impossible.

Eli Lilly tested the treatment in a study of primarily Delta Variant cases, but the similarities with the Omicron Variant are great enough that the FDA felt it warranted to approved the emergency authorization request.

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