COVID-19 Omicron Variant in California Spreading with Alarming Speed

Omicron Variant California

The California Department of Public Health has reported over 230,000 new cases on Tuesday, January 4th. This is more than double the number that has been reported in a single day before. California’s daily average of new cases over 7 days is now 45,466. This doubles the available data on Monday, the 3rd. Read on for more information about Omicron Variant in California. Looking for information about Omicron in my state? Click here.

For the US as a whole, the 7-day average for new daily infections has ticked over the 400,000 mark this week for the first time. Last winter, the surge had peaked at 251,000 on the 11th of January.

Our exposure notifications have been off the charts,” 

Christopher Longhurst, Chief Medical Officer at UC San Diego Health

As with previous spikes, the highest concentration of new cases is in Southern California. Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Orange counties have a daily average of 100 cases per 100,000 people. The rate of positive tests across the state has reached 20% – up from 17% last year.

We believe that the height of this surge is upon us,” the city’s health director, Grant Colfax, Health Director for San Francisco. Tuesday, 4th January.

The Omicron variant in San Francisco is behaving differently, according to Colfax, thanks in large part because most people are vaccinated and boosted. 30% of Covid patients at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital were tested positive after arriving for other reasons.

We’re in a much different place. Right now, we’re learning what it means to live with COVID.

The consequences today are not catastrophic”… “That’s a stark contrast to the impact COVID had before the vaccines.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed

With a less severe omicron variant in California, some things are starting to change

With better treatments and evidence that the omicron variant in California so far causes far fewer severe illnesses, public health measures are far less restrictive. The indoor mask mandate still stands but most businesses are still open.

Assisted leave facilities and nursing homes will be adopting new vaccine negative-testing requirements for visitors starting this Friday – 7th Jan.

Universities will be starting their new term online, and Stanford is limiting spectator numbers for indoor events. K-12 school children will still be in class.

“We’re not shutting anything down, this is not 2020.”

Mayor Breed

San Francisco has enough hospital beds to manage the omicron variant in the California surge, but Colfax and others are worried about health and other frontline workers such as firefighters, police, and bus drivers getting sick.

The number of patients in California that have contracted COVID has increased greatly in the last 10 days than at any other time since the pandemic started. That said, the omicron variant in California has caused fewer hospitalizations than other variants.

Officials continue to urge people to get vaccinated

From the Oval Office down, officials continue to plead with the unvaccinated to get their COVID shots. They also ask that the vaccinated get their boosters. There is no donut that the vaccines are proving effective at keeping people who test positive for the omicron variant in California, out of the hospital.

The omicron variant in California is so contagious, data Contra County has shown that there are breakthrough cases in the vaccinated-but-not-boosted. These cases are reaching rates as high as last summer’s infection rates for the unvaccinated during the Delta variant wave.

Nobody, anywhere, is being spared omicron – at least that’s how it seems. The numbers that were reported on the 4th of Jan were higher than the cases reported by San Francisco and Alameda, throughout the entire pandemic, combined.

Is there going to be an end?

When might the surges end? Colfax from San Francisco estimates that the omicron variant in California will peak within the next two weeks.

It is within our control to limit the damage

Mayor Breed, for his part, said…

We’re going to experience some very serious challenges.”

In conclusion – Omicron Variant California

The omicron variant in California spread faster than any other variant before it, and it would seem that the majority will be infected at some stage. While that is a worrying thought in of itself, it could easily have been worse – if the delta variant was this virulent, we would all be in trouble.

Because omicron is much less harmful, maybe there is a chance it will simply burn itself out?

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